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For completing the course UNCC300, writing task answers is highly essential. Simultaneously, individuals who wish to undertake a social justice and human rights career must get good grades by writing informative UNCC300 solutions. However, multiple universities offer a certificate for this course.

Successful UNCC300 answers will help individuals with top career opportunities. Thus, look at a few top job roles that you can achieve with this unit.

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Lawyers who want to work for human rights and social justice must obtain a law degree and a certification to practice law in the country. They fight on behalf of victims of abuse, persecution, civil rights violations, and other violations of people’s rights. Moreover, they can work locally, nationally, and internationally at non-profit organisations, private law firms, international organisations, and more. Accordingly, this aspect covers several consequences due to gender equality, housing rights, violence against women, war crimes, LGBTQ issues, and more.

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Program Officer

Program Office should have a master’s degree in social justice, human rights, international development, or related fields. Furthermore, they must be skilled in statistics, management, budgeting, and program design and development. Program Officers often work with local organizations and community partners to implement and run the programs.

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Social justice researchers must at least have a master’s degree-level education. As a researcher, you focus on social justice issues and gather relevant information, statistics, and more problems surrounding racial justice, criminal justice, poverty, indigenous rights, etc. Hence, they can work with non-profits, international organisations, academic institutions, research institutes, and the government.

Policy Analyst

An individual willing to be a policy analyst should be a master’s degree holder in political science, international affairs, public policy, or a related field. Policy analysts focus on social justice issues concerned with local and national civil and human rights policies. Therefore, they can work at the local, national, or international level for non-governmental organizations, government offices, global organizations.

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Social Service Worker

To be a certified social service worker, you can have various education levels with a master’s degree or certification. In addition, social service workers must have strong communication skills in sociology or human services. Social Service Workers generally work at the local or state levels with non-governmental organizations, local government agencies, or field officers in international organizations.

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