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Shormila Shormi
Jul 28, 2022
In General Discussions
On July 19, NetEase Yanxuan made a new move: the 9.9 Super Value Zone was officially launched, and 180 popular products were re-priced, ranging from 50% to 20% off. This kind of news is a bit surprising. For a long time, NetEase Yanxuan has been regarded as synonymous with the new middle class by the outside phone number list world, and the target objects are also concentrated on middle-class brands such as Muji, IKEA, Uniqlo, etc. Why are they here? Time to launch a special area for value-added services, and use high cost performance as a killer? Some people accuse NetEase Yanxuan of encountering difficulties, some people smell the signal of cracking down on Pinduoduo, and some people try to explain from the dimension of consumption downgrade. Perhaps we can learn from the view of management guru Ai Rees: "Marketing is not a battle of products, but a battle of cognition." The change in pricing strategy may be due to NetEase Yanxuan's intention to strengthen its brand awareness and the evolution of Yanxuan's model. Positive signals released. 01 Why is there a 99 area? To be precise, NetEase Yanxuan’s 9.9 Super Value Zone is not the same as those e-commerce platforms targeting markets outside the Fifth Ring Road. It is not difficult to find new pricing logic from two product cases: A 19.9 yuan Shudan massage home slippers has become one of the hottest models in the 9.9 value-for-money area. The previous price was 26.6 yuan, and the cumulative praise was more than 80,000 in 70 days of launch, with a favorable rate of 99.8%. The large-scale procurement after the surge in sales has further reduced supply chain costs;
there is no comfort zone for e-commerce content media
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Shormila Shormi

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